Shores of the Tundra

split 12-inch

Aseethe | Shores of the Tundra | split 12-inch | SC020

Two new tracks from Aseethe and three new ones from Shores of the Tundra. Aseethe is a one-man electronic synth noisey distorted beautiful doom, think SUNN0))) meets Jesu. Shores of the Tundra brings its heaviest track to date to this record with a very hard edged electro-metallic song.

The Aseethe and Shores of the Tundra split 12-inch record has been a long time in the making and just made sense to us as both bands have toured together across the country multiple times. 3 dudes, 2 bands, 1 record.

Aseethe brings his most expansive work to date to the A side, with two new doom drenched electronic masterpieces, "Black Heart" and "Fire to Flames". Heavy pounding guitar riffs meet delicately layered synths and electronics to create a sound that is powerful and beautiful. "Fire to Flames" was featured in the Vice Magazine TV film "Inside Underground Gaza".

Shores of the Tundra brings three of their heaviest tracks to the S side of the record, with "Cities End Times", "Everything", and "This World Breaks Like Glass". Taking a darker, more industrial path with this recording the band really delves into the world of heavy electronics mixed with heavier guitars. Crushing drums meet harsh vocals all sandwiched in thick guitars. Always a band of concepts, if you start this new 12-inch with 30 seconds left to play on their previous 12-inch, Heart of the Beckoning, both records will blend together to give the illusion of one continuous song.

300 copies pressed on black vinyl with tri-colored screened covers. First 100 copies come with tour posters!

300 copies pressed on white vinyl with screened covers.