Aseethe | Mauul | split | SC016

Finally available to the world, the epic "Navitas Est Deus" split LP as performed by Aseethe and Mauul. This release is a combination of two of our favorite doomy experimental ambient noise artists. Although not intended as a collaboration the record plays as one. Aseethe is one man, Brian Barr (ex-Law of All Ends), playing structured distorted electronic doom noise compositions. The Aseethe side of the split features, Ill Omen, an 18 minute long song that falls somewhere in between SUNN0))) and Jesu. When listening to Aseethe the listener is wrapped in the power and dynamics of the bands compositions. Mauul is the one man minimal noise and sound scape experimentation project of Phil Mauul from Open Goat. The Mauul side of the split is noise / sound experimentation at its best. Minimal to the point of non-existence and layered with a powerful blend of electronic skronks, static, and noise spanning 18 minutes in length. Scenester Credentials is very proud to have been involved with the release of this limited edition LP.

109 copies in a one-time-only pressing.