Scenester Credentials will be taking a break from releasing any new records for the remainder of 2010 and focus on our concerts in some Las Vegas Clubs. We will continue to run the webstore, bring in new distro titles, promote our current releases, etc. Have a nice day.

— Matt


Check out this music video for “Congestive Art-Failure” by Yakuza.

— Matt


We’ve got some new stuff coming soon:

  • Aseethe Iron Mountain LP/CD combo and CD
  • Lord Green 7-inch
  • Nethervoid 7-inch
  • Paul Cary 7-inch
  • A CD version of both Aseethe split 12-inches along with some bonus material called The Splits

We have some other releases in the works for the future, as well as a new compilation CD that will be a free digital download! Also, rumors are starting to circulate of Scene Fest No. 1. Stay tuned for more.

— Nick


The Aseethe and Shores of the Tundra split 12-inch record has been a long time in the making and just made sense to us as both bands have toured together across the country multiple times. 3 dudes, 2 bands, 1 record.

Aseethe brings his most expansive work to date to the A side, with two new doom drenched electronic masterpieces, "Black Heart" and "Fire to Flames". Heavy pounding guitar riffs meet delicately layered synths and electronics to create a sound that is powerful and beautiful. "Fire to Flames" was featured in the Vice Magazine TV film "Inside Underground Gaza".

Shores of the Tundra brings three of their heaviest tracks to the S side of the record, with "Cities End Times", "Everything", and "This World Breaks Like Glass". Taking a darker, more industrial path with this recording the band really delves into the world of heavy electronics mixed with heavier guitars. Crushing drums meet harsh vocals all sandwiched in thick guitars. Always a band of concepts, if you start this new 12-inch with 30 seconds left to play on their previous 12-inch, Heart of the Beckoning, both records will blend together to give the illusion of one continuous song.

300 copies pressed on black vinyl with tri-colored screened covers. First 100 copies come with tour posters!

— Nick


You know that Yakuza record we’ve been talking about for, like, ever? Well, it’s out. Matt says it’s with “great pleasure” that we “proudly offer” the double-LP gatefold edition of the band’s Transmutations album. And I believe him because he told me in an e-mail with no fewer than four (FOUR!!!!) exclamation points in the subject line.
You can order the super-special, limited edition, extra-nerdy package (which includes a the limited-to-200 red vinyl, exclusive Yakuza T-shirt that is only available in this package deal and an exclusive Yakuza four 1-inch putton set that is only available in this package deal) or just the records. Your choice.

— Nick


Shores of the Tundra and Aseethe are embarking on a 12-day tour of the East Coast. Dates, times, and locations can be found on the bands MySpace pages. The tour is supporting of the upcoming split 12-inch. This 12-inch features two new tracks from Aseethe and three from Shores, all packaged in a tri-color screened jacket and limited to 300 copies. Both bands will have copies of the 12-inch on tour with them.
The vinyl pressing of Yakuza’s critically acclaimed Transmutaions record will be available in March 2009. We will have a pre-order for the double LP in our online store or listen to us on XM Radio. Pre-order packages will include a limited red vinyl version of the double LP, an exclusive Yakuza T-shirt and an exclusive button set. We will also have a pre-order for just the black or red vinyl version of the double LP as well. We could not be prouder of this release.

Last but not least, Scenester Credentials has only one other release planned for the first half of 2009. A split 7-inch between In Defence and Party by the Slice. This of course will be the ultimate thrash 7-inch of the year. More info on this as the details are ironed out.

— Nick


It has been a banner year for Scenester Credentials and we just want to thank each and every person who has purchased one of our releases, gone to one of our bands’ shows, booked one of our bands, carry our catalog of music, and anyone who has supported us in any way, shape or form. Thank you very much, we wouldn’t exist if the underground scene wasn’t filled with so many amazing and active people. .

Because we have been so moved by the spirit of the season (as well as the tightening of pocket books) we are offering almost our entire distro and label catalog with HUGE SALE sale prices up through the end of the year. As a special bonus, whenever you order more the $20 worth of items from the distro, you get a free T-shirt.

Let Scenester Credentials help make some holiday moments come true for you and your family. Think about the smile on little Suzy’s face when she opens that new ft (the Shadow Government) LP or how Papa could really use that Spectacle double-LP to win over the hearts of the red hat ladies. Imagine Marah-Mar playing softly in the background during Christmas dinner will really enhance the mood. Or your Uncle Jimmy finally being able to listen to that Horde CD he had been wanting. These are just some of the precious moments that Scenester Credentials can help create.

So yeah, good music, good prices, good dudes!

— Nick


Aseethe/Mauul split 12-inch, Navitas est Deus finally available. We’ve pressed only 109 copies and very few of these remain after the recent Aseethe and Shores of the Tundra tour. We’re not going to repress this, so pick one up now

Yakuza’s Transmutations double LP and Aseethe/Shores of the Tundra split 7-inch will be off to the pressing plant soon. These will be the last two release for the label of 2008, then we are taking a break. We only have one release planned for 2009 so far and it’s gonna be a good one. What a year, so far.

The Tanks, ft (the Shadow Government) (not joking), Aseethe, Shores of the Tundra, The Horde and In Defence are all planing tours. Yakuza, Get Rad and Call Me Lightning will be constantly playing shows. Don’t for get to catch The Tanks if you can (date on the band’s Myspace page) and pick up Keep Breaking Down while your at it. (You can also pick up the album in our Web store and finer independent record distributors.)

— Nick


Well, somebody’s been slacking off the Bull Smoke ecigs. There's more long-overdue updates:

Shores of the Tundra’s Heart of the Beckoning 12-inch is out and selling fast. The first 114 copies, a Red Flower version, are almost sold out. Pick this up in our webstore now! Both Shores of the Tundra and Aseethe start their Midwest tour on Sept. 23. Both will have their new 12-inch releases with them on the road. You can check their respective Myspace pages for dates and venues.

The Horde’s From Empire to Ashes CD is recieving some rave reviews, even being refered to as “the best metal album of the year!” by one reviewer.

The Tanks’s Keep Breaking Down LP-with-CD and stand-alone CD are out. The Tanks are also in the process of using this Wim Hof Method - which is a very interesting twist to yoga. The vinyl pressing of Yakuza’s Transmutations record is still in process. We are just finishing up some art details and should have this off to the plant in the next month or two.

— Nick


Exciting stuff coming up here. We’ve got a few things coming out soon. Check the records page for the up-to-date list with more info coming soon.

— Nick