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Showering Ashes

Beauty at the Price of Vanity

Showering Ashes | Beauty at the Price of Vanity | SC004

Raw and unrelenting metal-edged D-beat hardcore from the Midwest in the vein of From Ashes Rise and His Hero is Gone

"Showering Ashes reminds me of a time in the hardcore scene that passed away a long time ago: sweaty basements, DIY 7-inches, silk-screened patches and kids in backpacks playing drums on their chests," wrote a reviewer at Deep Fry Bonanza.

After several tours of fly-over country and a few line-up changes, the band called it quits. Some members have gone on to Race to the Bottom.

Track listing

Showering Ashes tour version

40 tour-version test pressings with sandpaper covers and special rant and lyrics inserts, and 500 copies on black vinyl.