Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse

Ninety-nine Aprils

Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse | Ninety-nine Aprils | SC002

With Ninety-nine Aprils, Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse improved upon its 1999 self-titled album on S.K.A.M.

Some called MBD's style apple-core, others cuddle punk. Whatever the label, the female-fronted band played their own flavor of indy rock. With distorted-but-clean guitars and driving bass, Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse were could rock out or go slow.

Formed during high school, the band played together for nearly seven years and toured with other Midwest indy rockers House of Large Sizes and The Bent Scepters.

SC002 was assigned to several different releases that never panned out. Matt had helped pay for this disc's release by the now-defuct Lomo Records. It is now a quasi-offical Scenester Credentials release.

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