7000 Dying Rats

Forced Boat

7000 Dying Rats | Forced Boat | SC003

There were many times the gods conspired to sink this little record. Five year in the making with more time, money and effort poured in than was ever intended.

Yet it sees the light of day.

Each record contains the full saga and a make-your-own-center-labels art project.

Get a copy and hear 7000 Dying Rats destroy Black Sabbath, Journey, and music itself.

The band's brand of comedic grindcore can be summed up with many key marketable terms: diversified, mitigating, volatile, efficient. Hell, they've even made it to MTV. That "rapid-fire cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid" MTV likes so much? It was here first.

Track listing

The first pressing consisted of 4 test pressings, 1 copy on black and 1 copy on clear blue.

Second pressing is 440 copies on clear pink.