Limited pre-order version of The Spectacle is still available at the new store. Limited to 100 copies, this version will come with a set of buttons only available with this edition.

You can check out our brand-spankin'-new Web store for our other releases and more.

(If change makes you nervous, you can still use the old store for a while longer.)

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The day has arrived! Go to the store to pick up your pre-order copies of The Spectacle's I, Fail and HeWhoCorrupts' The Discographer.

A quick word of warning: you are limited to one (1) pre-order copy of each release. If you try to order more than one, you will get merchandise of equal value OF OUR CHOICE. Don't say we didn't warn you.

We will have a new Web store up and running soon, we hope. For the time being, bask in the glory of PayPal.

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Countdown to pre-order on The Spectacle's I, Fail has begun. On January 31, a special limited-to-100 version will become available right in the distro. At the same time, the limited-editon, double LP version of HeWhoCorrupts's The Discographer will go on sale.

And who woulda thought that a band on Scenester Credentials would ever appear on MTV.com? If you weren't already convinced that the release of the 7000 Dying Rats 7-inch Forced Boat was ushering in the apocalypse, maybe now you'll believe us.

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Marah Mar has broken up. The members have this to say about their plans:

In the wake of Marah Mar ending, Todd and Mike have joined the glorious Banana Hands now based out of Boston and Providence.

While there are no recordings of Banana Hands with us, there will be soon. We are planning on recording an e.p. in spring, doing a short tour in March with our friends Midnight 1,2,3 and a long tour come July.

See you down the road!

Yes, this is bad news.

Nevertheless, we'll use this opportunity to profit: you can now purchase the band's compact disc from us for a mere $6 — 2 bucks off!!

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Preorder for The Spectacle's I, Fail is slated to begin January 31, 2007 with the record shipping, we hope, on February 15. Preorders will receive a limited edition copy of the double LP on red-and-white splatter vinyl to match the new cover.

On the very same day that this record goes on sale, the HeWhoCorrupts The Discographer double LP will be available for purchase. Again, there will be a limited version.

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So we've got three releases that are coming rapid-fire. The HeWhoCorrupts double LP discography is being pressed.

The Spectacle's double LP artwork for the I, Fail re-issue is done (and will be up on the site soon is up).

As soon as we separate enough of your hard-earned money from you folks, it will be headed to the pressing plant. (Who are we kidding? None of you actually earn your money.)

We're really excited to put out a split 7-inch for the Wisconsin bands Murder of Crows and Copeater. It won't, unfortunately be out in time for their January tour together. (We'll have more information on dates, venues and times as it comes available.)

When we've got dates set for these releases, we'll get everyone pre-ordering information. In the mean time, send us an e-mail and we'll send you updates.

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So here's the new Web site. It's not totally done yet: upgraded ordering system is not complete and neither is the button information. Someday.

If you find a boo-boo or have a question, you can send an e-mail to nick@scenecred.com. Likewise, if you think it's the coolest thing ever, you can send an e-missive to that effect, too.

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Work goes forward on the re-mastered, U.S. version of The Spectacle’s I, Fail. We're waiting for everything to fall into place and have not yet set a date for pre-ordering to begin.

However, if you send an email to info@scenecred.com you'll get put on the Scene Cred e-mailing list. Not only will you get the latest updates, we'll let you know before we start pre-orders so that you can be sure to get a copy. Or five.

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The Spectacle’s re-mastered version of I, Fail sounds great, possibly better than the compact disc on CrimethInc. This band has redefined hardcore — think Godspeed! You Black Emperor if they played punk rock and yelled. You'll love The Spectacle if you like the rage of Tragedy or the melodic fury of Requiem. Promise.

The early 7-inches are quickly falling out of print. These will not be re-pressed. Order them now before you miss your chance.

Details continue to be hammered out for the HeWhoCorrupts Discographer double LP. With ten labels — that's right, ten — (Level-Plane, Forge Again, Init, Calls and Correspondence, Underground Communique, Slave Union, Plastic Airlines, Vendetta, Fudge Sickill, and Scenester Credentials) working on this release, this may take a while.

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The Spectacle I, Fail double LP artwork and re-mastered music should be arriving any day now. Expect to see this out for the general public by December. We will have a limited vinyl pre-sale for the limited color edition.

HeWhoCorrupts The Discographer double LP details are being wrapped up. This is a 10 label split release and will be a onetime pressing (as far as we know). This is an amazing release for an amazing band with amazing labels involved.

On the slate for later this year or early next:

  • ft (the Shadow Government) The Black and the White Album full-length
  • Murder of Crows / Copeater split 7"
  • Race to the Bottom Let the Ego Soar limited-edition LP
  • Trendy Bastard full-length

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